Media Relations

Knowing the media and networking with the correct journalists is both a skill and a valuable asset to any organisation. This is the only way to play an active role in the agenda setting process where hot topics are discussed and public opinion gets formed. In a nutshell: we place you in the media!

As active and recognised members of the media, the King's Speech team are the best resource to get you into the media in a way that builds and sustains your image. We know what reporters want and how to give it to them in a format that is quickly accessible and useable with no editing or cuts needed - ensuring that your message is portrayed as well as possible.


 Sending out a press release?
We do video press releases!


Our connections and networks include business news, magazines, newspapers, talk shows, lifestyle shows, as well as international media channels. Our industry fee structure is based on a moderate retainer with a placement fee charged each successful media placement, which ensures that not only are we working hard behind the scenes, but you will also see results!.

Our previous clients have been placed in Forbes Magazine, Rapport, CNBC Africa, eNCA and speaker opportunities at TEDx and other conferences.


Client Placement:
Forbes Magazine

Forbes mag