Presentation Skills, Crisis Communications, Image Consulting and Etiquette

We have trained upcoming CEOs and executives prior to their promotions for large multinational companies, focusing on media image, crisis communications, presentation skills and general etiquette.

Presentation Skills:

Presentation Skills Training focuses on presentations for a multitude of purposes. The first part consists of a theory based Audience-Focused Presentation tactic to ensure presentations are captivating and deliver a clear message to the audience.

The participants then partake in the practical segment, where they deliver presentations for different purposes and are critiqued on the presentations. These are filmed for a playback and critique technique, and is extremely effective.

Crisis Communications Training:

Are you prepared for when the headline is you? We will come into your organisation and simulate a series of crises, including Carte-Blanche style interview ambushes and social media mayhem. You will learn how to handle the media, how to respond to being in the line of fire, and generally prepare your organisation for a crisis. 

Image consulting:

First impressions count. Ensure that how you look on camera and how you present to your clients reflects what you want your client to see. Our team have trained specialists who will assist you with 1-on-1 sessions to establish your style image and then work with you to building and enhancing that image.

- hair and makeup
- what to wear
- shopping and fitting
- outfit assemblance
- eye-wear and jewellery


Ashlea offers a limited number of individual etiquette classes, grooming clients for media, social and professional appearances.

Please contact her for more information.


"Sometimes, a first impression is all you have. Make it count."