“It is our immense pleasure to recommend Ashlea Harvey. Over and above being incredibly professional and well presented, she has a unique/rare combination of real experience as a TV presenter together with business and financial knowledge. Ashlea is also able to ask the right tough questions but still build confidence in the participants as well as deal with a range of personalities and skill sets. The transformation of our staff from quietly spoken but talented individuals into media savvy professionals capable of becoming regular media commentators was a pleasure to watch. I commend her for her talent and highly recommend her services”

Sharon Bailey, Executive Director, Prescient

“Thank you once again for the training yesterday. The biggest lesson for me was that the interview should be used to get your message across irrespective of the agenda of the reporter. Understanding this already makes the entire interview experience a little bit less scary for me.”

Andriette Theron, PPS Investments

“Words cannot express my appreciation for your assistance today. I was very nervous but feel already more confident. Your calm approach to something scary is unreal. Your professional approach to the subject without judgement is commendable.”

Mornay Walters, CEO, Seecrypt

“Before the training I was very nervous about sitting in front of the camera and also concerned about how I would approach difficult questions and be able to handle myself. I am now confident that I will be able to get my main points across, even if I get thrown a couple of curve balls. It was really nice to be able to practice in the “real” environment and get used to what it feels like.”

James Alt, Senior Manager: Risk Advisory, Deloitte



“Having never faced the camera before, I felt exceptionally anxious. Ashlea made the entire experience an enjoyable one and helped me gain insightful information into how to handle interviews and face the cameras. I have come out of the experience appropriately confident and excited. Useful tips and key messaging were portrayed to me in an enthusiastic way and the experience was exceptionally enjoyable.”

Jenna Volkwyn, WeChat

“Ashlea is an expert in her field. Her precise and detailed approach in training is evidence of her passion and experience. She gives personalised advice and wonderful insight on the world of media and how to engage with various mediums of exposure.”

Misi Overturf, Creative Director at Misi Overturf Creative Pty Ltd.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Ashlea as a media professional and journalist and therefore had no hesitation in turning to her to provide specialist media training for my client. Apart from being a consummate professional she has the ability to put people at ease and get across her message. I am impressed with Ashlea’s dedication and patience in ensuring that her subjects understand and are comfortable with her training.

Ashlea’s approach and quality of work means that she has become an important part of my service offering to my clients. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending her as a media coach.”

Koogan Pillay, Public Relations Manager, M&C Saatchi Abel

“I was quite unnerved when I was asked to do a TV interview on behalf of BAT South Africa. Although I have been exposed to the camera before, this was only for internal usage. The training offered by Ashlea gave me in depth understanding of what is expected by an interviewer. Most importantly, through the theoretical component of the training, I learnt how to prepare for the interview and others in the future. The practical application, sitting in front of the camera and acting out an interview, eased my nerves somewhat and helped me identify the areas that I needed to work on for the interview. I would highly recommend Ashlea’s media training course. Ashlea is proficient in presenting the training. She’s calm, pleasant and really puts one at ease. I left the training feeling less concerned about the interview, confident that I would, with a little more practice, do a fabulous job!”

Lanaine Abrahams, CSR Manager, British American Tobacco

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert”

Nicole Jamieson, Senior Manager: Risk Advisory, Deloitte